Southwestern Advantage - When I called the rip on the other end was very unprofession

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It happened today the representative on the other end receiving the call was very unprofessional he kept tapping on something acting like he was just very much relaxed I had to keep repeating myself my name and phone number I'm just very upset with this company right now thank you

Southwestern Advantage - Southwestern Company wouldn't refund my deposit

East Moline, Illinois 3 comments
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Their "Independent Dealer, Jillian Miller", came to my house and talked us into a set of college tutoring books for my son. I put down $160, and was due to pay $160 upon delivery.

In the meantime I get a call from my husband (which at the time he was still living up north), that a biopsy came back that he had cancer. We obviously had to pack and leave in a hurry, and were unable to take delivery of the books. I tried several times to get ahold of Ms. Miller.

When I finally did get ahold of her, she said she could not refund my money. I called the company and relayed the situation. They thought I should be refunded, but apparently have no control of their independent dealers. I called and spoke to Ms.

Miller again. Her excuse was that she had already ordered the books. I told her I understood, but why couldn't she just give them to the last person she sold to. She said that our books were only for us, and she couldn't sell to someone us.

This makes no sense to me, they were not engraved or anything!!

Thanks, just needed to vent. I know my money is long gone, and I will never see.

The lack of empathy just still shocks me!! I will never buy from a door to door salesman again!!

Review about: College Tutoring.

Monetary Loss: $160.



I was going to delete my complaint, but don't know how. I want to just make sure anyone reading this knows that Southwestern came through after reading my complaint and refunded my deposit.

They also sent me the books that I had ordered!! Would still recommend that no one do any type of business with Jillian Miller, but they say she no longer works for them!!

Thank you Southwestern, I had completely given up hope!!


My name is Trey Campbell and I work with Southwestern. I came across this post and wanted to see if I could help you.

You can reach me at or 888-602-7867.

I will also try to find you in our database, but may be difficult with limited information. Thanks!

to Trey Campbell #1371613

I'm a customer and want to cancel my service, the other packages never arrived and I just don't want your service. Please refund my money as well.

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